PrintableInkjet Media Solutions

About Us

Eco Master Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of Printable Inkjet Media in Korea.

We developed dye sublimation paper with special base paper and unique coating formula at the begining of year 2000. It allowes us to provide high and consisistent quality of sublimation paper for one of most efficient image transfer printing result.

We put priority on best and consistent quality of sublimation paper at substantially lower price, we have assisted our customers achieve best quality sublimation result.

In extension to our sublimation paper supply, We exerted development of new products for our customers and we brought out new and unique No Cut Inkjet Transfer Paper on cotton and leather. By optimizing our inkjet transfer paper with special pigment ink, we made it available to increase printing quality and productivity while reducing printing cost.
We expect It will bring our customers another opportunity to extend business into cotton printing and leather printing market

We put our effort not only on our current products assortment but also on research and development of new and value added products.

Hope this website is helpful for you to understand our overall products assortment. If you any question or things we can do for you, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to share all benefit of our products with customers.