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Sublimation Paper

  • High & Consistent quality Eco Master High release sublimation paper is a perfect solution for premium quality sublimation Transfer printing. Our long experience made it available to provide one of highest and consistent quality sublimation paper.

  • Features & Advantages

    ▶ Highest transfer release and even image transfer release to creat high quality sublimation transfer printing result.
    ▶It has proper tacky to prevent ghosting effect from fabric shrink or slippery.
    ▶ Least cockles with specially designed base paper.
    ▶ Prevents from head strike due to paper cockles and save maintanace cost.
    ▶ Shorter heat dwelling time for image transfer. Minimum heat influence to the final substrates
    ▶ High resolution, Sharp color line, Vivid and Rich Color reproduction as original image is

    ▶ Low consumption of ink with high transfer release rate
    ▶ Quicker drying time
    ▶ Applicable to major piezzo type large format printers
    ▶ High & Consistent quality at each and every lot of production.

Sublimaiton Paper Assortment

Premium Quality Sublimation Paper

We lined up with premium quality with proper tacky for high quality sublimation printing application. As quality is stable and consistent, you will have same quality of image transfer from the beginning to the end.

  • Eco Subli Premium80
  • Eco Subli Premium100
  • Lighter Sublimation Paper

    We lined up with ligher high yield sublimation paper for large format printers and industrial piezo type printers. It provides high and consistent quality from the begining to the end of the roll.

    Our new Eco Subli Light Dualtransfer 50 is printable on both side and transfer images on two layers of fabric at a time. It saves you paper cost and increase productivity by transfering two layers at a time without using protection paper. It is light weighted sublimation paper but the printed ink and sublimated gas does not leaked back to base paper.
  • Eco Subli Light 40
  • Eco Subli Light Dualtransfer 50

  • Sublimation Ink

    Eco-Friendly Dispersed Dye Digital Inks for Sublimation Printing Eco Master Sublimation inks are made of aqueous nano-dispersed dyes, especially suitable for ink-jet printing on wide format plotters using piezo printing heads. They are used to print ink-jet transfer paper which, through the sublimation heating process, releases the dyes into the polyester fibers thus permanently coloring the synthetic fabric themselves. Or they are used to print polyester directly and heating, which leads to permanent dyeing of fabric.

    Free from Alkylphenolethoxylate chemicals