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Printable PU Transfer Paper

White and light color Cotton T-shirts

  • Colorskin CS

  • Printable PU with eco-solvent ink

    Breathable after image transfer
    high colorfastness
    strong wash resistance
    super soft

    It is clear printable PU heat transfer paper for white and light colored garment decoration.

    The special inkjet medium layer makes it available to transfer digital full color images into the fibers of fabric to bond strongly.
    It does not form a film layer on fabric.
    It is a perfect image transfer solution for large volume with large format printing systems.

    The major differences is breathable after image transfer
    It does not form a film layer on fabric but is bonded into fibers of fabric.
    "Colorskin-CL Transfer Paper"


    Breathable after image transfer
    High elasticity
    ▶ No Pretreatment required
    ▶ Full color images on cotton
    ▶ Image transferred area is soft.
    ▶ High color fastness
    ▶ Strong wash resistance
    ▶ Easy to apply (print and press)
    ▶ Transferred image is not film formed on cotton.
    ▶ Low heat transfer temperature (165~175 degree)
    ▶ One of most practical solution to print on cotton
    ▶ Applicable for design shirts at the factory.


    ▶ Cotton T-shirts
    ▶ Decoration on Polyester, PolyCotton, Spandex
    ▶ Cotton Denim
    ▶ Cotton Eco bag
    ▶ Cotton fabrics
    ▶ Genuine Leather bag, shoes and garment

    Best solution for image transfer on cotton T-shirts

    It is one of best solution to print full color images on cotton T-shirts comparing to anyother method available
    There are many types of printers available in the market. However, it requires pretreatment. Most of all, its colorfastness and wash resistance is still weak and does not last long

    Inkjet(laser) Transfer
    it is a way of full color digital printing on cotton but it also weak in colorfastness and wash resistance. There are also many failure with laser transfer

    Printable PU HTV
    It is basically same. However, Clear printable PU HTV forms a layer of fiml on fabrics while our Printable PU Heat transfer papr (paper liner) is bonded to fibers of fabric without forming a film layer.

    Available size

    ▶Weight : 125g/sq.m
    ▶ 500mmX25m, 500mmX50m
    ▶ Custom size available upon request

    Process of image transfer

    ▶Printing mirror image on Color Skin Transfer paper with eco-solvent ink
    ▶Place printed Color Skin Transfer paper sheet on fabric to be transferred.
    ▶ Press with heat and pressure.

    Working Condition

    ▶ Cotton : 165~175℃, 8~15sec.


Transfer Paper

for Dark color T shirts
Cotton,Polyester, Polycotton Blend, Rayon T-shirts

Transfer paper for dying full color images on Cotton & Rayon T-shirts

It is a hybrid solution with digital printing and screen printing to transfer images on dark color T-shirts without cutting or weeding process.

  • Digital full color printing using pigment ink on our DigiScreen Transfer Paper

    Screen printing letter or logo, image background in alliance with printed image with hotmelt adhesive pasteon image printed DigiScreen Transfer Paper

    Heat Transfer images on dark color fabrics with heat and pressure

  • Advantages

    ● Multiple color garment decoration
    ● Do not have to cut and weed unnecessary area.
    Paste screen printed area only is transferred on fabrics.
    ● No pretreatment required.
    ● Do not have to use multiple screen printing steps for multi color expression.
    ● Enhanced colorfastness and wash resistance.
    ● Economical solution for garment decoration
    ● Apply current screen printers and paste at screen printing factory.


     Type  Roll/Sheet
     Ink  Aqueous pigment ink
     compatible printer  Piezo type inkjet Printer
     Screen Printer  Any type
     Hotmelt Paste  High adhesive hotmelt paste
     Working Temp  165~190℃/20~25"


    ▶ Dark color Cotton, Polyester, Polycotton blend, rayon and so on.

    DigiScreen Transfer Paper

    Application1 download
    Application2 download

    Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl
    for dark fabrics

    digital image transfer on dark fabrics with printable PU HTV

    it is a way of transfer full color digital images on dark fabric with high colorfastness and strong wash resistance