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ColorSkin Transfer Paper

  • No Cut Transfer Paper on Cotton & Leather

    Eco Master inkjet transfer paper on cotton & leather.

    No cut! Breathable!

    The special inkjet medium layer make it available to transfer digital full color images on cotton and leather with high colorfastness.
    It is a perfect image transfer solution for large volume with large format printing systems. Its high productivity and benefit of transferring full color image makes new era of cotton and leather printing.

  • Now, You can transfer full color images digitally with our Cotton Transfer & Leather Transfer Paper
    "Colorskin Transfer Paper"

  • Features
    ▶ No Cut Transfer paper!
    ▶ Single Sheet type
    ▶ No Pretreatment required
    ▶ Single Sheet type
    ▶ Full color images on cotton and on leather
    ▶Image transferred area is breathable
    ▶ Image transferred area is soft.
    ▶ High color fastness
    ▶ Easy to apply (print and press)
    ▶ Transferred image is not film formed on cotton.
    ▶ Low heat transfer temperature (150~190 degree)
    ▶ One of most economical solution to print on cotton and leather
    ▶ Applicable for design shirts and leather goods at the factory.
    ▶ It create best result with Color Skin Pigment Ink.


▶ Cotton T-shirts
▶ Cotton Denim
▶ Cotton Eco bag
▶ Cotton fabrics
▶ Genuine Leather bag
▶ Genuine leather garment and shoes
▶ Designed lether goods
▶ Artificial PU leather


Images transferred on leather

Available size

▶Weight : 135g/sq.m
▶ A4
▶ A3
▶ Letter size
▶ Legal size
▶ 1600mmX50m
▶ Custom size available upon request

Process of image transfer

▶Printing mirror image on Color Skin Transfer paper with Color Skin Ink. (use piezzo type large format printer or desk top printer with Color Skin pigment ink)
▶Place printed Color Skin Transfer paper sheet on cotton or leather on the press.
▶ Press with heat and pressure.

Working Condition

▶ Cotton : 190℃, 25~30sec.
▶ Leather : 150~160℃ 10sec.
▶Artificial leather : 150~160℃ 20sec.

  • Color profile for Mutoh
  • Demonstration Vedio