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Color Skin Pigment Ink

  • Combination of Color Skin Transfer Ppaer
    Eco Master pigment ink is formulated to provide high and vivid image transfer result on cotton and leather with high colorfastness.
    It is recomended to print image with Color Skin pigment ink on Color Skin transfer paper to maximize efficiency of high quality image transfer.

  • Features

    ▶ Formulated specially for Color Skin Transfer Paper
    ▶ Enviroment frendly
    ▶ Full color gamut
    ▶ Vivid and rich color
    ▶ Quick dry.
    ▶ Compatible with Piezzo type printers


▶ Cotton T-shirts
▶ Cotton Denim
▶ Cotton Eco bag
▶ Cotton fabrics
▶ Genuine Leather bag
▶ Genuine leather garment and shoes
▶ Designed lether goods
▶ Artificial PU leather
▶ Wood

Process of image transfer

▶Printing mirror image on Color Skin Transfer paper with Color Skin Ink. (use piezzo type large format printer or desk top printer with Color Skin pigment ink)
▶Place printed Color Skin Transfer paper sheet on cotton or leather on the press.
▶ Press with heat and pressure.

Working Condition

▶ Cotton : 190℃, 25~30sec.
▶ Leather : 150~160℃ 10sec.
▶Artificial leather : 150~160℃ 20sec.

White Ink
for Dark Color Substrates

▶ Printing full color images on Color Skin Transfer Paper.
▶ Dry printed image properly
▶Print White ink on top of printed image area
▶Transfer image on dark substrates

White pigment ink printing