PrintableInkjet Media Solutions

Heat Transfer Machines

  • Cylinder type of roll heat press machines
    The PID temperature controller allows quick temerature off setting to preset.
    The temperature variation is small, it is stable to apply roll to roll transfer without color variation.

Sublimation Ink

Eco-Friendly Dispersed Dye Digital Inks for Sublimation Printing Eco Master Sublimation inks are made of aqueous nano-dispersed dyes, especially suitable for ink-jet printing on wide format plotters using piezo printing heads. They are used to print ink-jet transfer paper which, through the sublimation heating process, releases the dyes into the polyester fibers thus permanently coloring the synthetic fabric themselves. Or they are used to print polyester directly and heating, which leads to permanent dyeing of fabric.

Free from Alkylphenolethoxylate chemicals

Product Features
- Ultrafine nano-dispersed dyes
- High color yield, brightness and brilliancy
- Proven stability through long term tests
- Improved printability with piezo heads
- Fast drying on ink-jet coated paper
- Superior release on paper and image definition after transfer
- Excellent fastness properties

- Printing on polyester and nylon fabrics used in sports wear and outdoor wear
- Printing on mixed synthetic fabrics used in sports wear and outdoor wear
- Printing on plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of sport equipments such as skis, snowboards, skateboards, windsurfs
- Printing on every substrate (wood, ceramics, glass) overprinted with polyester based or polyamide based coatings

Ink-jet printing process with Eco Master Sublimation ink

I. Inkjet printing
Pretreated polyester is recommended for the best result.
AIT Sublimation inks are suitable for high speed printing mode
The optimal printing conditions are : 20~22℃/68~72℉ and relative humidity ≥ 60%
The use of Papijet CS as pre-filling and cleaning solution is recommended

II. Fixation
Direct printing on polyester
Thermofix 30~60sec at 180~200℃/356~392℉

Transfer printing from paper to polyester
Transfer/Fixation with hot presses or cylinders: 30~60sec at 180~210℃/356~410℉

Shelf Life
Eco Master Sublimation inks show consistent printing performance stored at temperature between 4 and 38℃ (ideally 18~25℃) for at least 6 months. Partly used inks should be used up as soon as possible.
Eco Master Sublimation inks should be protected from temperature above 38 and below 4℃ and from exposure to UV light.