PrintableInkjet Media Solutions

Printing & Image Transfer Service

Printing Service

We provide custom design printing service.
Manufactures who are not willing to install printing systems and employ expert for printing

Providing us your design for printing, we do print images on ColorSkin transfer paper with ColorSkin pigment ink.
If required, we can cut in sheet for you.
You can just transfer images on final substrates

Image Transfer Service on Cotton

We do provide image transfer service on cotton fabrics
If you provide us image file and substrates to be transferred, we do print and press images on final substrates.
We also have our own blank T-shirts, we can apply your images on our blank T-shirts.

Image Transfer Service on Leather

We provide image transfer service on leather and artificial leather.
Provide us with your own image and leather, we come up with sample printing for you review.
Once sample is confirmed, we can print and transfer your images on leather.

Sublimation Printing Service

We do provide printing and image transfer service on Polyester fabrics

Option 1. We do print your own design and deliver the printed roll for you to transfer image at your compnay.

Option 2. If you provide us with fabrics for image transfer, we do print and transfer images on your polyester fabrics